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Finally the time has come!!

I”m not sure if I’m just paranoid but I’m sure my family and friends all talk about me in hushed tones when I leave the room. I own and run another business/online store ( and it is well established and successful. It takes up A LOT of my time. An online store is a never ending story and social media means you never really have office hours. So, they whisper…’Why is she starting another business…another online store?”

Well, in part, those whispers ARE haunting me. Am I mad?

Setting up and starting a new business is not for the faint hearted. There is a great quote that helps me so much when I doubt myself – ‘ What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ Sheryl Sandberg.

The answer is – I would lie awake dreaming, planning and googling and yes, I would have less worries and stress but I would be unfulfilled.

I am so much happier being ‘afraid’. It means I got away from the late night dreaming, woke up and actually did it. I still don’t sleep much as my bank account is groaning in pain and my brain is frazzled but my heart is still, as I know that I believed enough in myself to step up and out and CREATE. It is real now and my faith in it grows hugely with every new product and every new design and concept.

Anna Africa was more than an idea, it was a flame in my belly that would just not settle. I could swallow all sorts of sensibleness and good advice like a pack of Rennies but nothing put the flame out. It grew into such a beautiful vision, I just knew I had to give it life.

So, with that said, please help me prove the doubters wrong. Journey with me as I pursue this happy inspirational dream. We live in a beautiful country and I will make sure everyone remembers that as the range unfolds with positive quotes and affirmations.

My ‘Anna’ is asleep next to me as I write this and she truly gives me wings but my ‘Africa’ is beneath my feet making sure I am grounded, that I work hard and keep the faith.

This is all for my baby girl…. let it grow to the size of her spirit, for there is no containing that.