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About Anna Africa

This business is about HOPE and LOVE. I was born in a tiny town in Kenya and was blessed to grow up in what so many people call ‘the Motherland’. While there was and is still shadow and darkness that stains our continent…we wake every day in our homeland, South Africa in love with her unique and colourful ways. We laugh and cry as she stumbles and yet still live on to hope for her future and for a land that our daughter can call her own.

This is the ‘AFRICA’ and then there is ‘THE ANNA

How can one explain such an immense blessing, our beautiful daughter? A presence that entices all that cross her path. Laughter that leaves lasting memories and her big blue curious eyes, constantly asking, challenging and compelling that you ‘saddle up’ next to her and enjoy the journey. And what a journey it would be… every moment is an adventure and be prepared to never be the same.

So do join us as we commence this journey, come wandering with us, hold on tight to Anna’s hand and hopefully you too will find the HOPE and LOVE that we share.

Her heart was wild, but I didn’t want to catch it.
I wanted to run with it, to set mine free.” – Atticus

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